Florida Sinkhole Reports

A Comprehensive Source to Identify Sinkhole Activity in Florida

With over 18,900 sinkhole and subsidence events identified in Florida, FloodInsights' provides comprehensive sinkhole coverage that delivers the information you need to understand the proximity of a property to the nearest sinkhole, in a given area in Florida.

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Get The Information You Need Before Making A Decision.

In Florida, a standard homeowner's insurance policy does not provide sinkhole coverage. In order to make better purchasing and lending decisions, it's imperative to know the potential sinkhole risk for a property. In some cases, sinkhole activity in a neighborhood can negatively affect property values.

Sinkhole Information Returned

FloodInsights will return (if they exist) the closest sinkhole(s) within a ½ mile and 1 mile radius. In addition, FloodInsights will also display a map showing the location of sinkhole(s) for an area.


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